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Want a critique on your artwork? Just send me a note with the link you want me to write a critique for. I would appreciate if you would to chose one of my pictures in return ^^
So feel free to ask!


Scout by hackeye
Thought this was a rather quick and easy going drawing it was today I finished it. >I have to admit it was going easier then expected and I am okay with the outcome I see that I have much regarding anatomy to learn.
Anyways I hope to be drawing (and uploading) more in the future.

The char in this picture is taken from TF2 and is an OC of :devevyk276:. If you wonder why there is a fighter in the background, well that was to fill the empty space xD
I hope you like how it turned out. In case anybody has criticism feel free to voice it!

Thanks to eryk276 for lending his character! 

Daniel ©  eryk276>
Art © me
TF2 © to its respective owner(s) 
Just checking dA on the fly I saw this, it caught my attention right away. The reason for this was the pose and the very good looking thumbnail (by this I mean it didnt looked sketchy but clean and well drawn). But lets try to write more about the picture's content.The overall pose looks quite sexy, taken her gaze and the lifted tail into account maybe even daring. The heads facing seems also fitting and the head overall looks very good. The colors of the iris/eye are quite hard to distinguished from the colorful hair which also has the same set of colors included. If this is a bad thing, I dont know depends if you think so, personally the overall picture is overwhelming me way too much to get stuck on this minor stuff. Speaking of her hair it looks very nice and suiting the overall colors of the character. I also like the realistic flow of the hair. Another rather personal think on the head that crossed my mind was that maybe turning her head a little so the second ear becomes visible would be nice, but that might only be because I am a little irritated by not seeing it. xD
A little note about the mouth, I do think that the reflection of the light on her lip(s) is maybe not really suiting, but I guess this needs some explanation to clarify it.
So judging the overall anatomy I do think it is drawn very well. I really love her pose and how her back is visible a bit, this makes this drawing one of the better ones you can find. And I was wondering if her arm really is hidden all behind her hair at this angle, I think you should see a bit of if, but correct me if I am wrong. Going to her paw, it does look good, but maybe her hand flat on the surface? I also like the ring, it really catches the attention due to the different color.
The fur on her inner thighs looks very good, I love this effect, it makes it look like fur. A thing that could look good, would be to add sticking out fur to some parts of her body, maybe the thighs ( e.g. like you did it on the tail).
Okay last but not least, the shading. On the body it does look very fluent and perfectly matched.As well as it looks on the body, it does look quite different on her tail, this might be because of the tail only being fur. Maybe trying this* kind of shading will look better. About the shadow she is dropping on the ground, well I do think there is a little room for improvement there but seeing how well the shading is done on the character, it seems that this (shadow on the ground) was a quick thing to do. Never the less this doesnt effect the overall picture in a bad way.
I hope I was of any help ;v;
Keep up the good work and please share more of your awesome art!

Well.... it has been, one year? Almost I managed to upload sth right before hitting that mark. A small hooray for that to be achieved xD

The newest submission will be part of a small series that has progressed quite a bit but the pictures are partly quite old, I just never published them xD
So this said you can imaging I wasnt all slacking off drawing but drew every once and a while, should have been thou. I dont think I can improve the amount I draw in the next time because life can be pretty busy so no promises for anything new xD

Let's hope not too much changed while I was absence! To everyone happy hearing sth from, me, thank you <3 I might not be a very good artist but the more I appreciate the support I got while I was here.
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