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October 4, 2012
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Meeting by hackeye Meeting by hackeye
Sooooooooooooo finally after a production time of..... numberless hours and about three failures, I did it!

The last fu**ing three days I spend on this drawing, was close going totally crazy but somehow I managed to finish it.
Anyways it contains some of my closest online friends. I wanted to thank you guys for being here and supporting me or just sharing your art with us :hug:

You people are those people I would love to visit irl and I am planning to do so after passing my A-levels.... just a plan so far lets see where this one goes.

I am sorry but I didn't managed to draw the fur pattern of Craz.... would have may screwed her up. Anyways hope you guys like this picture and don't go mad at me because of the bad BG... I couldn't improve it anymore not after spending two days on this one...
Oh by the way the BG is a pedestrian area ^^

I appreciate constructive criticism but I know I did many mistakes and if one does have the right to judge me for the way I just draw one's OC, it is the owner herself.
I also wanted to thank Wupziditaet and GeneralTate for being there for me, thanks guys!

(left to the right)
Kat © :icon11po-tigress-love11:
Craz © :iconsuzamuri:
Ralor © :iconpalupacoconut:
Mabaya © :iconfloranatani976:
Jazz © :iconwoods-of-lynn:
Cage © :icondragonsruleusall:
Art © me
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Plejman Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Good job!! :) I'm still suck at backgroud, but yours is really good ;]
hackeye Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
Thanks my friend! Yea many ppl keep saying that but I use google for references and then I redraw them ^^
Sadly I am pretty busy otherwise we could make a collab! what do u say?
Plejman Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
U mean:
I make characters and you backgrouds?
hackeye Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
Yea and then we match it with PS or another program

but as I said I am pretty busy so this may take a while...
Plejman Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I'm just drawing for fun (and to impress girls in my class XD). But sometimes I can send u something ;]
hackeye Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
if u wanna make a collab then just send me a note and we can talk about details and so on ^^
hehe what a good reason ;3
Plejman Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Nah, I think that this may not work out ;(
I'm not so good in english, and PC programs.
For this moment I'm happy with drawing for myself ;]
But we can stay in touch about collab :)
hackeye Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
I could match the drawings and send u the finished pic so u cna upload it urself, and because of the english skills... my suck time to time as well ^^;
but if u r ever interested in makign a collab, just PM me ^^
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Coco-rrupted Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
At the first, I have to tell you how grateful I am! It makes me really happy to see my character
Ralor together with all the other characters! When you asked me if I could tell you my opinion and
showed me the background, I was more then surprised.

I mean, I know that you're very good with backgrounds, but this one gaves me a good feeling, it
reminds me of great summer days. It also has a great atmosphere too and all the details are just
amazing! The place fits the group perfectly, it's like they wanted to have a good day together and
this could be a memorable photo from it.

Now I want to write about the characters, at the first my own character Ralor, I have to say, he is not
the friendliest character, but I simply love how you drew him here, I especially like his expression!
There is just one thing where I have to complain about it. You... you have broken one of his horns!
(He has two, a white and a black one) But really, it's not a problem, absolutely not. It also could
be "normal" because he is from a glitch world. *grin*

The next two characters are Kat and Craz, I don't know why, but these two reminds me of the pandas
from World of Warcraft, don't ask, as I said, I don't know why. Both have an interesting look and I like
how you drew the clothes from this both. They also looks like "Hey, now we're going to say something!"
(Nothing bad of course, just like "Hurry up, we want to talk!") So... I love the face from Kat.

Mabaya... I don't know why but I could stare at him, the way you drew him is just adorable! For me, he
looks a bit shy (maybe because he is behind Jazz) and kind-hearted. (I don't know how I can explain it,
but he looks like a dog etc. on which you have to care for. (I don't mean this as a bad thing.) I'd just like
to cuddle him!

Jazz looks like the cheeky one, here is one thing where you have to pay attention, his left arm is a bit
longer than the right one. The same with the vest., just that the right site is a bit longer than the other.
His hair looks interesting. Cage seems to be the "normal" guy on this picture. Everything looks fine here.
But, if you would add eyebrows, then I think his expression would be reinforced. But it's just my opinion. ^^

Not to forget, all the Slender Men in the background. *Laughs* All in one a great picture, with colors, it would be epic!


(I hope it was okay for the first try to write a "criticism". ^^)
hackeye Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012   Traditional Artist
Hehehe yea u told me that ^^

Yea those feelings were intended but the trees don't have leaves xD
Yea I am really glad the BG turned out this good and of course I am very glad u think the BG matches the scene.

Oh yea, really? It's your char so u must know that.*gg*

heehehe idk either why she is doing so but Mabaya will have a reason to do so ;)

Uhh really Jazz's arms aren't equal? lol didn't noticed gonna take care of that in further pics ^^

Damnit how did u found the slendies! And guess what that's why no one ever saw one of those ppl again xD lol

Thanks but next time don't be so soft about the BG... there are mistakes =P
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